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When I first made these videos they were meant to be part of a different project. Then the idea of a website grew while making them, and everything else grew from there. There is certain information that seems to be relevant to every person I’ve ever written a resume for and so, I decided to put it all on this site in videos, as well as in blog postings so everyone can access it.


The first few (The Basics) are a little rough because I’d never done this before. So, I apologize for the way I come across a little stiff. I got better with practice. ☺


They are grouped together and, at least the first sets are placed in a deliberate order to take you through a process of defining your own professional identity, then deciding what you can and want to do with that, and finally – getting it all on the page. These are followed by videos on a variety of career topics that I thought might be helpful.


Happy Resume Writing!

Resume Writing Basics

A series of three videos walking you through the basic concepts critical to preparing your resume.

Achievement Exercises

A series of three videos filled with techniques to help you identify your professional talents.

More Videos

More videos to address subjects like Fonts, Encouragement for your job search, Voice mail messages and much more!

Word Tutorials

A series of four videos that walk you through a step-by-step demonstration of how to lay out a resume in Word.