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Here are video tutorials to help with your content.

If you need help to figure out your strengths and achievements, I have some tips in a video called the The Basics


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Lost for words?

                 Links:   Verbs   Adjectives   Achievements 

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Powerful verbs can put your achievements into actions and this will grab your reader’s attention.

Effective adjectives make the read more interesting so the reader knows why they should meet you.

You know what you did, and you know how you did it, now put those two things together to form an achievement. Check out some sample achievements to help get you on your way.

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Lost when it comes to Word?

Laying out your resume professionally and using Word to do that are the two most common problems people seem to have. So I made 4 step by step tutorial videos (one for each of the sections of a resume: The Header, The Opening Paragraph, The Work History and Education) for you to follow along to as you write. They can be found on the Videos page or hereWord Tutorials for resumes



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Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Let me know about it

If it’s not already on its way, we’ll get on it.


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