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Planning before you write


Sitting in front of a blank page and not sure how to begin? This is where many may be tempted to give up.  However, if you do some simple planning beforehand, you’ll be amazed at how much easier resume writing can become! In resume writing (as with most projects), preparation is 80% of the job.

The key to writing a resume is planning.  There are two areas of this site – The Blog and Videos – to assist you. (Specifically, the posts categorized under Resume Writing.  Also, many videos, although not labeled as such, contain planning strategies and exercises.)  The Tool Box is there to help with your actual writing.

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The Tool Box



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The Blog posts and Videos contain most of the advice and tips to help you prepare what you need to consider before you start writing.


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The Tool Box is where you want to go once you are ready to put pen to paper. The Resume tends to have a ‘language’ all of its own and most of it is due to verbs, adjectives and its particular construction of sentences. The writing tools in the tool-box are designed just for resume writing. They are concrete things like verbs and achievement phrases, links to word processing tutorials, etc. to help you to put your experience in words and lay it out in a professional presentation format.