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Resume Writing: How do you eat an elephant?

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This is the site with bite sized posts and videos to help you build your new resume!  It was built for just that as well as to share a wealth of resume, interview, and job search knowledge from expert career, human resource, and recruitment professionals.   I’m so excited by the prospect of sharing it all with you because for the past fifteen years I’ve noticed that many people fail to get to the interview process because of a resume that doesn’t get noticed!  The fact of the matter is, resumes have become very important marketing tools and need to be constructed to work for you.  If yours does not – have no fear, you’ve come to the right place!  It’s an easy thing to fix, and it just requires some patience, focus and determination on your part.  How much you’ll need of each will depend on where you want to go and how badly you want to get there.

The Bunyip

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This is the Bunyip.  He’s our mascot and your buddy on this site.  You’ll see him pop up every now and then.  Legend has it that the Bunyip, an Australian mythical creature who is covered in fur, feathers and scales (that’s right) – wandered the bush in search of himself, asking any creature he met ‘Who am I?’.  Unsuccessfully, he tried to blend in or relate to them.  After awhile he finally realized that, not only was he unlike any of the others, but that he was unique – he was a ‘Bunyip’ and that was even better!

What does the bunyip have to do with resume writing?

In this context, the inspiration to take from this wonderful, complex creature is that you need to be aware of and intimately familiar with your professional identity.  Because once you have that down pat, resume writing will become easier and possibly even much more exciting!  SO, finding your professional identity and figuring out what you do best is critical.  You’ll find that there is a lot of information about this very thing throughout the site.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s the most important factor in writing an effective and successful resume.  Once you have a resume that describes you vividly, you’re 80% of the way to mastering the interview.


I hope you find this site helpful.  Explore all the pages because that’s the only way you’re going to find everything you need.  I’ve tried to make it manageable.  Be patient with yourself and just take it one bite at a time. :)

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