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Resume Openings

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Opening Paragraphs

One option for the opening section of your resume is the opening paragraph.  This is a brief, yet succinct paragraph that contains a synopsis or overview of what your resume is trying to convey.


A professional and bilingual Administrative Assistant/Receptionist with a track record for providing exceptional support to business units and organizations in the manufacturing and services industries.  A detail-oriented, self-motivated, and reliable individual; known for taking initiative and for a dedicated commitment to accuracy, organization, and efficiency.  Open and approachable by nature with excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic.

Confident and pro-active Executive with an accomplished history of successfully initiating and completing projects, leading teams, organizing events, networking, and developing business.  A bilingual, motivating and candid communicator with a talent for creating solutions and getting the job done.


An energetic, highly organized and efficient Receptionist with a solid history of completing administrative tasks quickly, accurately, and on a timely basis within a variety of industries.  A fluently bilingual and excellent communicator with an ability to connect with individuals at all levels, engendering trust, confidence and respect. Easily adapts to new environments.



Highlight bullets

Highlight bullets are for drawing attention to the gist of what your professional profile is all about. You can use them to highlight your strengths as they pertain to the jobs you’re targeting, or to highlight specific skills that are critical to your function and industries.

They can be presented in a variety of ways.


Here is one example:

Specific skills and attributes:

  • Very good at following requests and processes already in place as well as improving on them and taking initiative to complete them more efficiently.
  • Was regularly commended for handling all tasks efficiently, for always keeping on top of payments and deadlines and never leaving anything left undone.
  • Developed excellent relationships with other divisions and became a ‘go-to’ for questions and concerns.  Dealt with problems and issues swiftly and reliably.

And in Column Form they can look like this:

– Administrative Support

– Reception Duty

– Work Prioritization

– Data Management

– Organizational/Business Support

– Multitasking

– Scheduling and Coordinating

– Transcription/Dictation Skills



Banners are used to really make your target job(s) stand out.  If you are unable to express your goals or objectives with the opening paragraph or your previous position titles, etc., this is a good option for you.  The reader will clearly see what role(s) you are seeking and use this as the context in which to read the rest of your resume. They're format is fairly straightforward - a box containing text that may be lightly shaded with grey.


A banner looks like this:


Image of a resume Banner