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Resume Fonts and Templates

Fonts, Font Variants (bold, italics, etc), Color bars, and bullets

Below are some sample resume fonts and styles to start you off.

These elements can be used very strategically.  If you look closely, you’ll see that some of the resumes have the company name in bold and others have the position titles in bold to draw the reader’s eye.

So, if your position titles have remained consistent or similar you can highlight the outstanding companies or organizations you worked for.  Or, if you wish to show a steady progression of promotions throughout your career, you may want to highlight your titles. Ask someone for an objective opinion about what they notice first, titles or company names.

At the bottom of each of the sample pages below are the names of the fonts – click on each sample to enlarge it.

For more help:

See Word tutorial videos  for help in laying out a resume in Word.

See Fonts & Stylistic Variants video in the More Videos section for more help.