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Cover Letters

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You are defined by more than just your job and the cover letter is your place to showcase some of those other qualities you possess. The way it does that is that it allows you to be more human and genuine in the way you come across. While the resume is written in the third person, the cover letter is written in the first person. What’s great about this is it gives you the opportunity to be heard in your voice. This can add value to your resume.

I have to admit that I don’t often read cover letters because they are either way too long or not unique in their content.

That being said, sometimes I have three or four comparable resumes in front of me (all with a similar professional history), and find myself consulting the cover letters for more information. When the person comes across well in their cover letter, then that kicks them up a notch on my list. I still have to meet them of course, but now I have a better idea of who may be worth meeting.



What is appealing to a potential employer?

When your cover letter expresses a genuine interest in the role and/or company that you’re applying to, this is very appealing to the employer.


When your cover letter demonstrates that you have a strong handle on what your core strengths are and that you know how to apply them to bring value to an employer, this is very appealing to the employer.


When your cover letter gives the reader a glimpse of your personality, it gives the reader insight into who you are as a person and may make them want to meet you.


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The trick is to combine all three elements –

a) your interest

b) your professional talent and

c) your personality

– into a cohesive letter and to keep it brief and to the point.

Write in your own voice. Do not cut and paste from another person’s cover letter. I’ve seen weak resumes accompanied by compelling cover letters and, based on the letter alone, booked that person for an interview.



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This explains why you’re writing to them, why you want to work for them, and who you are.


This letter is in application to the (title) position as advertised on ________,

I am writing to express my interest in working for your company/organization… the reason I am drawn to Acme Corp. is because of it’s impressive ______ etc….

I am (currently/now) looking for a new opportunity in corporate finance.




This contains a brief summary description of what you are best at. This is also where you can include particular items such as industries your interested in, cities or countries you’re prepared to work in, how much traveling you’re prepared to do, etc.

This is also an area where you can mention appropriate skills that you didn’t mention in your resume that might bring added value to your profile.


Some of my particular skills also include ….


My core strengths are in …..


Some specific skills include:

• This

• This

• And This

I am interested in pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries.

I have traveled extensively in the past (France, Australia, Japan) and am open to relocation.

I am fluent in English and French (oral and written) and Spanish (functional).

I have an immense appreciation for the arts.

I have worked in private/family-run/small to medium businesses throughout my entire career.

You get the picture.



This is where you thank the reader and invite them to contact you.


I’ve attached my resume and would really welcome the opportunity to discuss my profile and how it can benefit (or bring value to) your company (or organization).


Attached is my resume for your review. I would appreciate the chance to discuss it further with you and learn more about your company/organization.


Thank you in advance for considering my application.


While I know you have many applicants to consider, I would really appreciate the chance to meet so you can learn more about the person behind the resume.



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Your goal is to make them want to read it. Time is precious and needs to be respected. Yours is not the only cover letter they will read. Keep it as brief as possible. You may have to write it out and then pare it down. Spend some time on it and tweak it here and there over the course of a week if time allows. Trust me, it’s worth it. It can make or break you on the job market in some circumstances.

Just make sure it “sounds” like you. Use words that you would ordinarily use. Being professional does not mean that you sound like everyone else or like a template. It means you are courteous, informative and respectful. Be yourself and be courteous, informative and respectful and you will have appreciative and interested readers.

Make sure your phone number is somewhere on the letter!

For Resume Writing:

*  Check this link Resume Writing Made Easy for a step by step walk-through in resume writing.



If you have created a unique letterhead for your resume, use it on your cover letter. It makes your whole application look really sharp, professional and appealing. Like this:

Image of cover letter & resume



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